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When someone dies it may prove necessary to apply to the Court for formal authority to deal with the estate. This is known as a Grant of Probate of the Will or Letters of Administration where there is no Will.

Executors who are appointed in a will are able to act from the date of death whilst those who are appointed outside of a will cannot.  This difference can be important in many cases and is a good reason to make a will in the first place!

The administration of the estate involves collecting all of the assets of the deceased, paying any tax and other debts, and distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will (or under the rules of intestacy where there is no Will).

Godwins offer an efficient yet sympathetic service reassuring relatives and managing all aspects of the administration of the estate. We can deal with all of the steps required to obtain a grant of probate, including dealing with HMRC (Inland Revenue and tax) and calculation of tax, dealing with the realisation and distribution of assets and making applications to the Probate Registry for the appropriate Grant. We also provide advice to executors and administrators on their obligations and duties and how to administer the estate.

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